Intela-HeAr Alliance: More Than a Hearing Aid Buying Group

Intela-HeAr Alliance is a more than a hearing aid buying group, it’s a specialized small group of independent hearing aid and audiology practice owners who choose to partner together to be more profitable and directly compete against the manufacturer owned retail and big box store mentality. The Alliance is made up of like minded practice owners that have common strategies and goals for their practice and the hearing industry.

About Intela-HeAr Alliance

The Intela-HeAr Alliance was founded on the principle of helping the independent hearing aid practitioners to maintain a profitable practice without the threats of sacrificing any control of ownership or increasing debt just to maintain. The Intela-HeAr Alliance allows each independent practice owner to leverage from the Alliance’s expertise in the purchasing power of the hearing devices as well as through marketing sources. As a result, The Intela-HeAr Alliance creates a level playing field for the practice owners to compete and win profitably against the ever growing manufacturer owned retail environment.

The Vision of Intela-HeAr Alliance

The Intela-HeAr Alliance vision and purpose is to keep the concepts of independent practice ownership alive, where owners can still enjoy the FREE ENTERPRISE – FREE TRADE system no matter how small or large the practice is.  The Alliance does more than hearing aid buying groups, and will give everyone a fighting chance to succeed!

“Exclusive Small Group Offers … More Personal Attention”


What the Manufacturers Don't Want you to know...

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Tired of making less, while the 'big' manufacturers get richer?

Find out what the BIG MANUFACTURERS don't want you to know!